1) Ben is ____ Nick a) more intelligent than b) more intelligent c) intelligent than d) intelligenter than 2) Paul is _______ of my three brothers. a) the youngest b) younger c) the more young d) most young 3) Travelling by train is _______ than travelling by plane. a) cheap b) more cheap c) more cheaper d) cheaper 4) Ben is ______ than his brother. a) bad b) worse c) more worse d) the worst 5) Who is the ________ person in your family? a) the happy b) the happiest c) happier d) the happier e) the most happy 6) My house is ______ than my school. a) high b) highest c) more higher d) higher 7) My grandma is the _______ of all my family members. a) the most old b) the oldest c) the older d) older e) more old 8) Sochi is ______ than Irkutsk. a) more sunny b) more sunnier c) sunnier d) the most sunny 9) Missouri River is ______ river in the USA. a) longest b) the longest c) more longer d) longer e) most long 10) Sam is ______ boy in the whole class. a) the strongest b) stronger c) more strong d) strongest e) the most strong



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