1) Elephants are ... than zebras a) strong b) strongest c) stronger 2) Vicky is the ... girl in my class a) pretty b) prettiest c) prettier 3) The giraffe is ... animal. a) taller b) tallest c) tall 4) Snakes are ... than mice a) long b) longer c) longest 5) Tag is the ... singer of all friends a) good b) better c) best 6) Hippos are ... than foxes a) fat b) fattest c) fatter 7) I want the ... apple on the table! a) biggest b) bigger c) big 8) This is the ... toy shop in the city a) newer b) new c) newest 9) Cats are ... than dogs a) lazy b) lazier c) laziest 10) I am the ... girl in my class a) cleverest b) cleverer c) clever 11) It's the ... film. I don't like it. a) bad b) worst c) worse 12) The train is ... worse than the plane. It's very slow. a) worse b) bad c) worst

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