1) It was very kind of you to ____. Now I don’t have to struggle with finding a nice hotel. a) put me up b) pick me up c) steer clear 2) At the rush hour the bus is always _____with commuters trying to get home. a) empty b) packed c) busy 3) You’ve been working on you presentation so hard, it’s no ______ you got the first prize. a) wonder b) surprise c) miracle 4) It looks as if Nick will _____to his word this time. a) stay b) glue c) stick 5) The man was dressed in a black suit and wore dark glasses. There was something ____about him. a) ambiguous b) sinister c) uplifting 6) I shouldn't have any more of this cake. It's way too ______. a) healthy b) fat c) fattening 7) When she smiled, her face was completely ________. a) transformed b) dull c) over-the-top 8) Smoke from a cigarette will not normally _____ a smoke alarm. a) set off b) set up c) hire 9) Underresourced hospitals ________ to provide medicines and care. a) must b) can't c) struggle

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