Mum: Amy! Are you ____? Amy:No, I'm not. Mum: What are you ____? Your eggs are ____. I hope you aren't ____ on that phone again! Amy: No, I'm ____ for school. I'm ____ my hair! Mum: Well, hurry up! We're ____ for you. Aunty: Is she ____? Mum: Yes, she is. She's brushing her hair. Amy: Morning!Aunty: Amy! How's school? How's your boyfriend? Lou, isn't it? Oh dear, you're ____ tired this morning. Are you ____ OK? Amy: Yes, I am. School's fine and Lee isn't my boyfriend. Aunty: Oh, ____ ... What are you ____ for breakfast? Amy: I'm not hungry, Aunty Lindo, thanks. Excuse me. Mum: Amy, where ____ going? Amy: I'm ____ to school. Mum: But it's only ten to eight! Amy: ____, then. See you! Mum: ____. Why ____ going to school now?

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