1) My father _______ (go) to Australia next week. 2) "What are your plans for future?" I ___________ (be) an actor. 3) I don't think schools ________ (change) a lot in the next few years. 4) Our computer broke down, so we _______ (buy) a new one soon. 5) Look at that man on the bridge! He ______ (jump)!!! 6) I think people _______ (live) on the Moon by the year 2050. 7) Peter is not studying hard enough. I think he ___________ (fail) the exam. 8) The sun is shining and the sky is blue. It ____________ (be) a lovely day. 9) "The phone is ringing!" Okay, don't worry, I _______ (answer) it. 10) I hope robots _____ (do) the housework in future. 11) I can't go to the cinema with you. I _____ (meet) John at 8 pm in a cafe. 12) "I can't find my glasses!" Don't worry, I _____ (help) you to find it. 13) My sister and I _______ (travel) to India in July. We have already booked the hotel. 14) "These cars are running so fast!" They _______ (crush)! 15) "I'm going out tonight! Do you want to go with me?" Why not? I______ (take) my sweater. 16) "Mom, can I go out? I promise I _____ (do) my homework! 17) I ______ (buy) new clothes! My old ones are too old. 18) When I grow up, I probably _______ (not watch) TV too much. 19) Mary and John _______ (get married) on June, 25. 20) Tomorrow the weather ______ (be) sunny and hot. 21) "This task is too difficult for me!" Don't worry, I _________ (help) you with it 22) _______ you _______ (go out) tonight? Yes, I _______ (go) to the pub.

Will, Be going to, Present continuous

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