1) I enjoy.... stories. a) to write b) writing c) write 2) I hate ... a) to cook b) cooking c) cook 3) I decided ... him. a) to call b) calling c) call 4) I promised..............football with my friends at the weekend. a) to play b) playing c) play 5) He wants ... home earlier today. a) to go b) going c) go 6) I hope ... the book today. a) to finish b) finishing c) finish 7) I am planning ..... to another country a) moving b) to move c) move 8) Do you need ... this work today? a) finish b) to finish c) finishing 9) When did you learn ... cook so well? a) to cook b) cook c) cooking 10) What would you like... for dinner tonight? a) have b) to have c) having 11) Modern children don't like ... a) read b) reading



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