1) Which sport is played with a help of a square bat? a) cricket b) football c) hockey d) tennis 2) How do you play tennis? a) throw a ball over a net b) kick a ball with your legs c) punch somebody 3) What is the most popular sport in New Zealand? a) football b) soccer c) rugby 4) Which one is a team sport? a) football b) chess c) athletics 5) Name a winter sport a) soccer b) hockey c) cricket 6) Which game has a lot of tall players who win points throwing a ball through a high net? a) badminton b) athletics c) basketball 7) It's a game of 2/4 people, you can play it indoors/outdoors by hitting a ball over a net with a racquet a) rugby b) tennis c) cricket 8) In this sport you run, jump and throw things a) volleyball b) football c) athletics



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