1) What is the name of the most famous book of Dostoevsky? a) Crime & Punishment b) Offence & detention c) Offence & Punishment 2) What was the year of the first publication of this work? a) 1864 b) 1865 c) 1866 3) What genre does Crime and Punishment belong to? a) Novel b) Story c) Poem 4) The main character of the work is? a) Alyona Ivanovna b) Rodion Raskolnikov c) Sonya Marmeladova 5) Why did Raskolnikov decide to kill Alyona Ivanovna? a) To test the validity of his theory b) To steal her valuables and improve his position c) Rodion went mad. 6) What’s the big question of the novel? a) To be or not to be? b) Do I tremble or do I have the right to? c) What day is it today? 7) What color was the main symbol of poverty, suffering and disease in the book a) Gray b) Yellow c) Black

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