1) We ___________ Europe this summer. a) are going to visit b) are visiting c) will visit 2) He ___________ to London in four hours. a) is going to flying b) is flying c) will fly 3) I ______________ friends in the restaurant tonight. a) am going meet b) am meeting c) will meet 4) Maybe Lucy and Tom ________ to the cinema tomorrow. a) are going to go b) will go c) are going 5) They ____________ Buckingham Palace this afternoon. a) are visiting b) will visit c) is going to visit d) are going to visit 6) We ___________ one or two weeks in Turkey some time in the future. a) are going to spend b) will spend c) are spending 7) Pete _________ the house at 9 o'clock tomorrow. a) is leaving b) will leave c) is going to leave 8) Kate thinks she __________ ten books next year. a) will read b) is going to read c) is reading 9) This weekend our family ________ camping. We have already paid for the campsite. a) will go b) is going c) is going to go

Going to / Present continuous / Future Simple

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