What idiom can you use to suggest putting an end to a conflict?, What 3 things are essential for setting up a project?, What is the best way to cheat during the test so that it escapes your teacher’s attention?, In what situation might a person shield their mouth with their hands? Think of three examples., Who or what might devastate the local community? Think of two examples., What kind of assistance do you expect to be provided by your teacher?, Do you think opinion polls are a trustworthy way of collecting data? Why/why not?, Name three things that would be a bad idea to do at an excavation site., Why might a person be gasping for air? Think of three examples., Can you think of an example from a movie or a book that would illustrate the collocation “desperate attempt”?, What two things might threaten one’s livelihood?, What can you shield your eyes from? Name three things., What could be the reason for the police to scour the area? Think of three examples., Name three things that can be perfectly preserved., What can provide concrete evidence of a person being a great friend? Think of three examples., When a person is burying their head in the sand, what is their intention? Do you consider it to be a good coping strategy? Why/why not?, Name three objects that should be shielded from the heat. Explain why., Do you know a person who has escaped the police? If so, tell the story., What can make a person intuitively duck? Name four things., What do you normally do with the remains of the food? What are other options?, What is the easiest way to share the data?, What might make teachers scour the school from top to bottom?.

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