1) Don’t be rude ___ her. (грубить) a) WITH b) TO c) AT 2) I insist you ___ taking the exam. (настаивать на) a) ON b) AT c) BY 3) Kris is jealous ___ your new job. (завидует) a) AT b) IN c) OF 4) Tigers are in danger ___ extinction. (Под угрозой) a) OF b) IN c) BY 5) My friends are allergic ___ cats. (аллергия на) a) AT b) TO c) ON 6) I don’t agree ___ him. (не согласен) a) AT b) BY c) WITH 7) He’s nervous ___ flying. (Переживать из-за) a) ABOUT b) AT c) BY 8) I’m afraid ___ spiders. (Бояться) a) OF b) AT c) BY 9) Steve Jobs is famous ___ iPhone. (Известен) a) BY b) FOR c) UNDER 10) Our classmates are crazy ___ popcorn. (Без ума от) a) ABOUT b) FROM c) BY



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