Is it a cat?, Is she happy?, Is this car green?, Is this house big?, Is it raining today?, Is he a doctor?, Are they playing chess?, Are they sad?, Are they swimming?, Are they tigers?, Are you happy today?, Are you a student?, Are you a firefighter?, Are you ill?, Are you 90 years old?, Do you go to school?, Do you live in Russia?, Do you like milk?, Do you play the piano?, Do you read every day?, Do you brush your teeth every day?, Do you speak English?, Do you like winter?, Do you work in an office?, Does he work in a shop?, Does he go to school?, Does she like fish?, Does she drive a new car?, Does she have a cat?, Did you meet your friends yesterday?, Did you go shopping yesterday?, Did you swim in the sea yesterday?, Did you read a book yesterday?, Did you have breakfast yesterday?, Did it snow yesterday?, Were you happy yesterday?, Was it cold yesterday?, Was it Monday yesterday?, Were you at home yesterday?, Were you tired yesterday?.

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