1) Which of the following describes a positive outlook or forecast? a) grim b) stupefying c) gloomy d) rosy 2) Which of the following indicate an increase? (choose 2) a) plunge b) contraction c) explosion d) surging 3) A lack of consumer confidence has ___ stock market volatility and decreased demand. a) translated into b) scaled down c) bounced back d) inched up 4) Despite the increase in demand for online services, the basic systems on which the Internet is built have proven to be ___ a) creaking b) remarkably reliable c) unprecedented d) reined in 5) There appear to be challenges in the ___, as many companies have difficulty ___ some basic materials. a) infrastructure / filing b) demand shock / kickstart c) supply chain / procure d) foundation / rein in 6) Which of the following refer to an extremely negative situation? (choose 2) a) devastation b) stimulus c) comeback d) meltdown 7) To receive money or benefits from an insurance copany or government, you have to ___ a ___. a) craft / check b) file / claim c) rein in / tally d) procure / rolls 8) Many businesses are having difficulty figuring out what normal operation looks like ___ COVID-19. a) much-anticipated b) sitting idly by c) translating into d) in the wake of

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