Dear Lizzie,How's everything back in NY? I hope the weather isn't too ____. Here in Madrid, everyone is getting ready to celebrate New Year's Eve.The ____ are full of people. They are buying presents and ____. Council workers are ____ the streets and making preparations for tonight's celebrations in the Plaza del Sol. We are very busy at the ____. Dad is ____ the last minute shopping. Mum is making a ____ dish, fried baby eels. They're ____, honest! Aunt Betsie is making ____ for everyone and Grandma is doing the ____. Clara and Steve are doing the washing-up. Steve's also washing the ____ for tonight. In ____, it's good luck to eat ____ grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve! As for the twins, they are making the ____. They are excited. Spanish people call New Year's Eve Nochevieja, which means the ____ night. This is because the 31st of ____ is the last night of the old year. What about you? How are you spending New Year's Eve? Whatever you are doing, have a ____ time. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year. All the best! Rosa

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