1) When ___ here, I`ll tell you everything. a) you`ll get b) you get c) you`ll have got d) you`re getting 2) What __ if you won the lottery? a) do you do b) will you do c) would you do d) did you do 3) I regret ______ the purple dress. a) not to buy b) not buying c) to not buy d) not have bought 4) I wish I ________ so many problems right now. a) hadn`t had b) don`t have c) wouldn`t have d) didn`t have 5) We should ____ that he wouldn`t come to the party. a) know b) have known c) had known d) known 6) You look different today. Have you ___ your hair? a) tanned b) dyed c) painted d) drawn 7) Can you __ me a dictionary? I`ll give it back to you later. a) lend b) owe c) rent d) borrow 8) Jack has made a lot of money this year. He can __ a luxury holiday. a) allow b) earn c) rent d) afford 9) Carl ______ stealing the car radio, but nobody believed him. a) admitted b) denied c) told d) informed 10) It looked like a very interesting job, so I decided to _____ for it. a) register b) apply c) submit d) ask

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