1) Have you got any brothers or sisters? 2) What do you do after school? 3) How often do you watch TV? 4) Who's your favourite actor? 5) Which sport do you play? 6) What are we studying at the moment? 7) Are there many books in your school bag? 8) Where were you last night? 9) Where did you go for your holiday last summer? 10) Did you do any English homework yesterday? 11) Who is the youngest student in your class? 12) Who is the tallest student in the class? 13) Are you taller than your friend? 14) Are you good at maths? 15) How far is your house from school? 16) Do you have to tidy your room at home? 17) Will we travel in space in the future? 18) Have you ever been to England? 19) How long have you lived in this city? 20) What are you doing next weekend?

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