1) What are the most common diseases in your country? Which medical treatments can be used nowadays? What are the most important personal qualities for good doctors? What have you experienced with doctors? 2) What are the modern problems of the sports industry? the most dangerous sport and would you like to try it? What is your favourite sport and why? 3) Is there any need for martial arts today? Do you practice any martial art? If yes, which one? What martial art do you consider to be the most interesting and why? 4) How has your local area been developing lately? What is the difference between rural and urban areas? Which one do you prefer and why? 5) How has the climate changed in recent years? What is the impact of climate change on the environment? How is climate change related to the growth of big cities? 6) Do you think that public speaking is easy? Why? Do you have any tips on how to deliver your speech? What are they? Do you use them in your life? If not, why? 7) What problems in communication can you name? Can you call yourself a very sociable person? Prove it.What tips can help other people to communicate more confidently?

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