1) It is the name we give to everything outside Earth's air. a) air b) space c) Earth 2) A person who designs or makes machines or electrical things. a) astronaut  b) businessman c) engineer 3) We breathe it. a) air b) space c) Earth 4) It is the planet where we live. a) Moon b) Earth c) Mars 5) This person can travel into space. a) engineer b) businessman c) astronaut 6) It goes around our planet. We can see it at night. a) Moon b) Earth c) Mars 7) This person visits another town or country on holiday. a) astronaut b) tourist c) engineer 8) A man who works in business is called a..... a) engineer b) tourist c) businessman 9) It goes very quickly and can take people into space. a) air b) space c) rocket

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