something you used to be scared of but now you aren't, a favourite toy you used to have but you don't have now, a singer or band you would often listen to as a kid, a kind of food or drink you didn't use to like but you do now, something you used to collect but you don't now, a game you would play a lot as a kid, a pet you used to have but don't have now, a place where your family would often go to on holiday, a friend you used to have in a nursery school, a bad habit you used to have but you don't have it now, a TV programme you would often watch a lot as a kid, something you didn't use to do at weekends but now you do, a place you used to live in but now you don't , a musical instrument you used to play but now you don't , a type of clothes you didn't use to wear but now you do, a domestic chore you didn't use to have but now you do.

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