sweater - Some people like to wear really ugly ones at Christmas. It keeps you warm., crackers - When you pull these, little presents, a joke and a paper hat fall out, turkey - Most people in the UK eat one of these birds at Christmas., nutcracker - The is a ballet that people often watch at Christmas. It is a tool you need to open nuts., queen - In the UK the _____  always gives a speech at 15:00., boxing day - _____ is on 26th December in the UK., gingerbread - Children like to decorate _______ houses., bauble - A round ball you can use to decorate your Christmas tree., wreath - A round Christmas decoration people hang on their door., cranberry - The basis of a red sauce that people eat at Christmas., carols - Christmas songs you sing in church., day - Christmas ________ is on 25th December., eve - Christmas ______ is on 24th December., midnight - People often go to ________ mass on 24th December.,

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