1) This is John and this is ..... brother. a) her b) his c) ours d) your 2) That is Mary's car. It's ..... . a) hers b) his c) her d) my 3) You can have this book. It's ..... . a) your b) my c) his d) yours 4) Ann and Fiona are sisters. ..... surname is Harris. a) Hers b) They c) Theirs d) Their 5) I love ..... family. a) my b) his c) her d) mine 6) This watch is ..... . a) my b) mine c) her d) your 7) These are ...... flowers. a) yours b) hers c) her d) mine 8) Whose pet is this? - .... . a) It's theirs. b) He is his. c) It's their 9) Is she ..... mother? a) yours b) your c) he d) mine 10) This adress isn't ...... . a) her b) me c) hers d) my 11) This isn't ..... car. a) our b) ours c) hers d) mine 12) Whose computer is this? a) It's hers b) It's her. c) He's hers. d) It's his 13) ..... house is very modern. a) Yours b) Their c) Theirs d) Mine 14) Meg has got a new flat. ..... flat is spacious. a) Her b) Our c) Its d) She 15) Is Ben ..... brother? a) yours b) your c) mine d) you 16) Are these books ..... ? a) mine b) her c) hers d) his 17) This camera isn't ..... . a) our b) mine c) my d) your 18) This little puppy isn't ..... . a) their b) our c) ours d) my 19) Tom and Sarah are ..... friends. a) my b) mine c) ours d) they 20) What is ..... address? a) mine b) her c) she d) hers 21) What's ..... phone number? a) yours b) her c) she d) hers 22) Is this football ...... ? a) his b) he c) it d) hers

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