Weather is composed of a number of elements such as the temperature and ____ of the air, atmospheric pressure, the speed and ____ of the wind, air visibility and of special phenomena such as fog, ____ and others.Pilots need the information about weather conditions along the route of flight and at the destination aerodrome. The object of the meteorological service is to contribute to safety, efficiency and regularity of air traffic. Preparing for the flight the pilot is to get the ____ weather information and weather forecasts along the planned route and at the point of ____ and the alternates.At a great number of met. stations situated along the airways complete weather observations are made and then ____ to weather forecast centres by telephone, telegraph, radio and thousands of miles of teletype circuits. Thus, the pilot has a complete picture of the weather. It is considered that ____ of an aircraft is probably the most difficult operation which a pilot has to perform and the standards of visibility required are ____ than for any other phase of flight.It is known that fog, rain and clouds often affect the aircraft operation. For many decades attempts were made to make flying independent of weather conditions or, in other words, to allow an aircraft to land under very low or zero visibility. The use of lazers makes it possible to give pilots all the ____ information when they land under low visibility conditions. The introduction of these systems has greatly increased the ____ and safety of flights.Satellite meteorology has become an ____ area of science. Weather forecasts based on information from outer space make forecasts more accurate and help to save a great sum of money ____.

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