1) Helen has got a little sister Sasha. She is … sister a) Her b) She c) His d) Hers 2) Mike bought .. a new camera a) My b) Me c) I 3) These are are … a) You b) Yours c) Your 4) Tim likes … new dress a) She b) Her c) Hers 5) We are Rita and Amy Der. Gina is … sister a) Ours b) Our c) We d) Their e) Theirs 6) Maggie loves ,,, teddy a) Her b) Hers c) Its d) She 7) Max and Sarah are going to the beach in … car a) They b) Theirs c) Their d) Her e) His f) Our 8) Look at …! They are sleeping a) Their b) Them c) They d) Theirs 9) Let’s play tennis with … a) He b) Him c) His 10) Rita is showing … her new house a) Our b) Us c) We 11) This is … yellow pen a) Masha•s b) Harry c) Tinas• 12) These are … dresses a) Woman’s b) Womens c) Women•s d) Woman

posedsive adjectives + personal pronouns

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