Present simple: Действие происходит регулярно, He likes watching horror movies., do/does + V (do not, does not), usually, every weekend, never, Present continuous: Действие происходит в данный момент, He is watching a horror movie now., am, is, are + Ving (am not, is not, are not), now, at the moment, Look!, Past simple: Действие произошло в каком-то моменте прошлого, He watched an exciting horror movies two days ago. , did + V (did not), yesterday, in 1876, four weeks ago, Present perfect: Действие произошло, и нам неважно, когда, Have you seen the horror movie "Friday, 13"?, have, has + V3 (have not, has not), today, since, for 5 days, ever, recently, already, just, Future simple: Действие произойдет в будущем, I will watch the horror movie tonight, will + V (will not) , tomorrow, in three hours, next week,

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