Are you ready to find out more about ____? Let’s find out about a famous ____. It’s called Hampton Court Palace. It is here, in ____. It’s a very ____ palace. How old it is? It’s over 500 years old! It’s very big. This is King Henry VIII. He was a very famous ____. Hampton Court Palace was his ____. There are no kings or ____ in Hampton Court Palace today. Let’s have a look ____! There are lots of ____. There are over one ____! Look at all the ____ on the walls. This is the kitchen. This is the Great Hall. It’s a big room for eating and for ____. That’s a lot of rooms! How many rooms are there in your ____? Now, let’s have a look ____. These are the ____. They’re very big and ____. Look at this maze. It’s over 300 years old. It’s easy to get into the ____ but it’s very ____ to get out! Hampton Court Palace is a great place ____.

Hampton Court Palace Get Culture Go Getter 1

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