1) It's very difficult to cope ..... the misunerstandings that you have with parents. a) out b) with c) for d) of 2) Sue is always getting annoyed .... Ben- he's a spoilt boy who wants everything to be done as he wants. a) for b) of c) form d) with 3) I will always remember my best friend's betrayal. I couldn't have thought that he would let me ..... . a) up b) out c) down d) with 4) My sister is fond .... playing the piano.Actually, she has developed her skill very quickly. a) of b) off c) for d) on 5) It's me who is responsible .... washing up on regular basis in our family. a) on b) upon c) for d) with 6) If Mike hadn't answred ..... his mother, they have such a huge quarrel. a) for b) back c) on d) upon 7) Parents should always stand .... their children. In this case kids will understand that they are safe. a) up b) back c) on d) for 8) Having a best friend means having someone you can rely .... in every situation. a) for b) on c) upon d) with 9) My favouritr photo is the one where I was blowing.... candles. a) out b) for c) up d) off

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