1) When I (look) out of the window, it (snow). a) looked | was snowing b) was looking | was snowing c) looked | snowed d) was looking | snowed 2) Dr Q (cycle) to school when it (start) to rain. a) cycled | started b) was cycling | was starting c) cycled | was starting d) was cycling | started 3) When I (start) school, we (live) in the old house. a) started | lived b) was starting | were living c) started | were living d) was starting | lived 4) When I (see) him, he (wait) for the bus. a) saw | was waiting b) was seeing | was waiting c) saw | waited d) was seeing | waited 5) Billy and Millie (work) when they (hear) a noise. a) worked|heard b) were working|heared c) were working|heard d) was working|heard 6) I (watch) TV when my brother (come back) from school. a) was watching|came back b) watched|came back c) was watching|coming back d) were watching|came back 7) She (read) a book when Tina (text) her. a) was reading|were taxting b) read|texted c) was reading|texted d) read|was texting 8) We (play) computer games when our parents (come) home. a) were playing|came b) was playing|came c) were playing|come d) played|were coming 9) They (talk) loudly when their teacher (come in). a) talked|came b) were talking|was coming in c) were talking|came in d) was talking|came in 10) I (use) the blender when it (stop) working. a) used|stopped b) was using|stoped c) was using|stopped d) using|stopping 11) The blender (mix) the strawberries and yogurt when it suddenly (turn off). a) was mixing|turned off b) was mixxing|turned of c) mixed|turned off d) was mixing|was turning off 12) He (walk) very fast when I (see) him in the park. a) walked|saw b) was walking|saw c) was walking|seen d) was walking|was seeing

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