1) My eye really ... ! a) pains b) hurts 2) I've got a(n) ... pain in my shoulder. It's not serious, but it won't go away. a) nagging b) excruciatting 3) Andy is still in ... pain with that awful football ... a) harsh, injury b) harsh, wound c) severe, injury d) severe, wound 4) Ouch! This bruise is really ... ! a) painful b) hurtful 5) Brian had to be ... for frostbite after his climbing expedition. a) cured b) treated 6) We had a ... escape when our car skipped on ice. a) narrow b) slim 7) Ann had some ... bleeding after the car accident. a) inside b) internal 8) By the time the ambulance arrived, the boy was... a) unconscious b) subconscious

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