1) It's a procession of people who carry the photos of their relatives who fought in the war. a) Wreath-laying b) The Eternal flame c) Red Square d) Immortal regiment 2) It is a Russian military symbol, it has three black and two orange stripes. a) Carnations b) Aircraft c) The ribbon of Saint George d) The Eternal flame 3) It is a war memorial dedicated to the Soviet soldiers killed during the Great Patriotic War. a) Cenotaph b) The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier c) Red Square d) The Eternal flame 4) It’s a symbol of our memory of all unknown soldiers killed during the war. It is burning inside a five-pointed star. a) The Eternal flame b) Courage c) Dedication d) The ribbon of Saint George 5) It is a place where the main military parade in Russia takes place on the Victory day. a) Red Square b) Victory Square c) Palace Square d) Trafalgar Square 6) It is a wish to give a lot of time and energy to something because you believe it is very important. a) Tradition b) Courage c) Dedication d) Celebration 7) It is the ability to be brave and do dangerous things. a) Courage b) Dedication c) Victory d) Commemoration 8) Any vehicle that can fly is called ........ . a) Airplane b) Aircraft c) Watercraft d) Hovercraft 9) They are used for military operations. They can be wheeled or tracked. a) Aircraft b) Combat vehicles c) Battleships d) Submarines 10) It's a solemn ceremony of bringing large rings of flowers to memorial sites. a) Commemorating the victims b) Laying the wreaths c) Congratulating the veterans d) Marching on parade

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