1) The writer from Iceland for a night out a) goes to night clubs b) plays golf c) watches football 2) He usually goes for a swim a) in a natural hot spring b) in a bath c) in a swimming pool 3) For a early dinner on Saturday he has a) a chicken b) a turkey c) a puffin 4) The writer from Iran for a night out a) drink French wine b) share a hookah pipe c) prefer milk 5) According to the law, past midnight a) the shops start delivery b) the shops are closed c) the shops continue working 6) If you have a party at home past midnight, a) police will arrest you b) police will join you c) police won't disturb you 7) The writer from Angola for a night out a) thinks that the restaurants are expensive b) thinks that the restaurants are cheap c) thinks that the restaurants serve only burgers 8) Now he knows more local places a) through food bloggers b) through his family members c) through his colleagues

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