I couldn't find the restaurant because ... - I had lost the directions., I failed the English exam because ... - I hadn't studied enough., I argued with my girlfriend because ... - she had come home late., I couldn't eat the steak because ... - the chef hadn't cooked it enough., I didn't wake up on-time because ... - I had forgotten to set the alarm. , I couldn’t catch the flight because ... - I had left my passport at home., I bought a new phone because ... - my friend had recommended it., I couldn’t go swimming because ... - I had left my swimsuit at home., I couldn’t find my flash drive because ... - somebody had stolen it., I couldn't read the e-mail because ... - I hadn't brought my glasses., My phone didn’t work because ... - I had forgotten to charge it., I didn't recognize my friend because ... - she had dyed her hair., I wanted to watch the film because ... - I had seen great reviews., I didn’t want to go to the pub because ... - I had gone there last night., I couldn't sleep because ... - I had drunk too much coffee.,



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