Hello! ____ your name?, I'm ____ Japan, Maria is German. ___ a student, Where ____ he from? He ___ from Turkey, It's ____ big house, Kim and Tony ____ students, What are these? _____ headphones, It's ___ English dictionary, They ___ English. They're Scottish, Are you from Paris? Yes, ____, She's Brazilian. ___ name is Daniela, We're from the USA. ____ surname is Brown, Is it correct? These are difficult very exercises, Is it correct? She's a very pretty girl, Put the words in the correct order: a day terrible is it, I'm hungry. ____ stop at the cafe, Put the words in the correct order: brother your is a student ?, Put the words in the correct order: car this expensive quite is, Say the opposite: wrong rich cheap empty beautiful, Say the opposite: strong slow dark young dangerous, Say 10 things you can find in your bag, Say 3 things you can find on your table, Say 7 feelings, Say these numbers: 5 12 14 63 99, Choose a or an: ____ apple, ____ book, ___ pencil, ___ iPod, Make these phrases negative (-) I'm from the UK. He's Russian. They're students, Say these numbers: 11 27 54 76 100, Make phrases: an/It's/car/old dog/is/nice/very/their.



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