What time do you normally get up in the morning?, What do you normally eat for breakfast?, Are you a fan of studying languages in your spare time?, How often do you meet friends and go out?, Are you fond of going to the cinema with friends?, Are you keen on doing sport to stay healthy in your free time?, Do you normally spend your free time with friends or alone?, Where do you like to relax in your free time?, Do you ever listen to music while you are relaxing?, How often do you meet friends to go out at weekends?, Where did you go on holiday last year?, Do you enjoy sightseeing when on holiday?, Where are you planning on going on holiday next summer?, Would you like to try surfing in the future?, Which is your favourite city that you have visited?, Are you good at doing sport or do you only do it for fun?, What is your favourite sport and why?, Have you ever tried a dangerous sport?, When was the last time you played football?, Do you usually spend a lot of money on food?, Are you keen on eating seafood or do you prefer meat?, How often do you eat chocolate and sweets?, Did you use to eat lots of sweets as a child or did you prefer fruit?.

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