1) The company starts selling in the market for the first time. It ________ the market. a) corners b) penetrates c) abandons 2) When the company ________ the market, it becomes the only company selling there a) enters b) dominates c) corners 3) An online shoe store shows different products depending on where the visiting customer was based: wellington boots for someone in the countryside, pavement-friendly trainers for a city-dweller, strappy sandals to resort visitors, and so on. This is the example of _________ . a) market orientation b) market segmentation c) market share 4) Amazon is an example of a ________ company. As it has grown and developed, it has consistently added processes and features that clearly address concerns and desires expressed by consumers. a) market-oriented b) non-profit c) customer-driven 5) Choose the synonyms for "fierce competition": a) stiff competition b) tough competition c) low-key competition d) rival competition e) beneficial competition f) intense competition 6) The aim of the company is to tackle the issues that can occur with a customer by offering the right combination of products and services to satisfy customer needs. This is an example of ________ . a) communication with the customer b) finding suitable distribution channels c) customer solution 7) You pay for a purchase in equal ___________ during a certain period of time. a) monthly installments b) money arrangements c) payouts 8) - I want to get a _______ . -Do you happen to have a _________? a) refund / payment ticket b) return / receipt c) repayment / recipe d) refund / receipt e) return / recipe 9) I can ______ you the money and in this case you ______ me. a) borrow / lend b) lent / borrow c) lend / owe d) lent / owe e) lend / borrow 10) This is a ten pound _____ . a) currency b) change c) banknotes d) sum e) note

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