1) You can use this to see the spellings and meanings of words. a) a dictionary b) fur c) wings d) languages 2) In your music lessons, you might listen to people playing these. a) an insect b) Science c) instruments d) a necklace 3) Some people wear these because they don't like looking at bright lights. a) a college b) sunglasses c) a crown d) a necklace 4) Birds and butterflies use these to help them fly high in the air. a) wings b) fur c) a pocket d) tights 5) These are the words and ways people speak in different parts of the world. a) instruments b) a dictionary c) languages d) a pocket 6) This is perhaps the best animal to ride if you want to cross the desert! a) wings b) a swan c) insects d) a camel 7) In this subject you might learn how metals change when they get hot. a) Science b) a college c) a dictionary d) a crown 8) This is the soft coat that animals like rabbits and kittens have on their bodies. a) fur b) wings c) a necklace d) tights  9) If you are wearing jeans, you can put your keys and phone in this. a) tights b) a crown c) sunglasses d) a pocket 10) Older students go to this place to learn subjects like History or Science. a) Science b) a college c) a dictionary d) wings 11) A king my wear this on his head when he's with other important people . a) sunglasses b) a crown c) a necklace d) tights e) fur f) wings




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