How do you spend your free time?, Where do you usually go with your friends?, What do your parents think about your friends?, Do you prefer to shop online or in regular stores?, Why do you think many people like to spend their week-ends in big shopping malls?, Do you like to go shopping on your own or with friends and why?, Who and how often buys food in your family?, What kind of food do you usually have at home?, What do you think about your local grocery food stores?, What do you usually do not to catch a cold?, What is a healthy lifestyle for you?, How can you catch up with the class if you do fall ill?, Do you like your PE classes, and why?, What sports and games can you play at school?, What after-class activities are most popular in your school?, What are the benefits of zoos in your opinion?, Do you think there should be a zoo in every city and why?, Is it better to keep wild animals in natural reserves than in cages and why?, What’s the weather normally like in summer in Russia?, What do you think about spending summer holidays at home?, What is your favourite season, and why?, What kind of toys did you play with when you were young?, What amazes you most in young kids today?, How do you and your friends get along with younger brothers and sisters?, Why do you think some people “hunt” tornadoes, instead of hiding from them?, What natural phenomena would you call the most dangerous for people, and why?, Will we ever learn to protect ourselves from dangerous natural phenomena?, What hobby do you have?, How much time do you spend on your hobby?, What do your parents and friends think of your hobby?, What’s the weather like in summer where you live?, What do you usually do when it rains?, How do you protect yourself from bad weather?, Do you have any special eating habits and what are they?, What do you usually have for lunch at school?.



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