Can you give me the recipe of the dish you often cook yourself?, Why do people want to have a dacha?, What do they usually do on a dacha?, How do people usually get their dacha?, What was the weather like in the place where you spent your summer this year?, What do you do on rainy days in summer?, What is your favourite season and why?, What sports do you like to play?, Would you like to go to a youth summer camp, why or why not?, What are your plans for the nearest holiday?, Babysitting is tough, don’t you think so?, What do you usually do if they ask you to look after little kids?, Would you like to be the only child in the family, and why?, What kind of food do you get at school for lunch?, How do you like your school lunch?, What’s your favourite food and can you cook it yourself?, How do you like your flat ( house)?, How do you get to your school?, Why do you think many people still like stories about Robin Hood?, Are there any books you can read again and again?, Where do you get books to read?, How long have your family lived in this city (town) ?, What is your favourite place in your city (town)?, Would you like to move to another city, why or why not?, What’s your regular school day this year like?, What is your favourite school subject, and why?, What afterschool clubs do you plan to join this year, if any at all?, What do your parents do?, What kind of job would you like to have and why?, What kind of training do you need for your future job?, What do you plan to do after school?, What’s your graduation party going to be like?, What are you going to wear to your graduation party?, What kind of international event would you like to visit and why?, What sports are you fond of and do you play them yourself?.



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