We are deeply ____ of the oppportunity to sit down together. We have a wide ____ of imported furniture. She's very ____. I've come to the ____ that we'll have to sell the car. We are all responsible for the ____ of the forest. These statistics are ____ of a widespread problem. The comparison is both false and ____. I'm sure she'll agree, she just needs a little gentle ____. The school is improving ____ between teachers and parents Prices are ____ of flights and accommodation Various speakers expressed ____ for the focus on COVID-19. Applicants have faced stiff ____ for university places this year. For more ____ results to be found, more testing must be completed with a larger group of mice. He's very ____ about the people he spends time with. The ____ power of nuclear weapons was discussed at the previous conference. Helen's face gave no ____ of what she was thinking Many people take ____ at swearing It's a very ____ argument. They use the most up-to-date ____ methodology in teaching English. Her self-portrait was chosen for ____ in the exhibition

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