1) Back in 17th century Holland, this flowers were considered to be worth more than gold and silver. Back then, one bulb cost upwards of $2,000. a) rose b) tulip c) poppy 2) These flowers are the most popular flower to give for Valentines Day. a) lily b) rose c) violet 3) These flowers are named after a selfish Greek young man. a) carnation b) sunflower c) daffodil 4) People play the game "He/She Loves Me He/She Loves Me Not" a) lilac b) daisy c) sunflower 5) The seeds of these flowers are banned in China, Taiwan and Singapore a) carnation b) sunflower c) poppy 6) These flowers can be used to make tea which helps with stress relief, depression, insomnia. a) lilac b) carnation c) lily

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