If you want to become an experienced ____, you need to be organised, I can ____ with you because I had the same experience. To be ____, I don't like this jam very much. Can I make a ____? We need to buy this car. Now, I want you to tell me the ____. What is the secret of your ____? This lecture was completely ____ and boring. She's one of my favourite ____. Work hard and I'm sure you'll be ____. I have just read the ____ of his latest book. ____ is important in good written communication. The pupils all worked ____. My laptop is so ____ - I don't know what I would do without it. Are there any ____ paintings? I want absolute ____ in the exam. I have to give a ____ at school on Monday. He was ____ when he was President of the USA. I can't hear what the ____ is saying. The zoo has about 500 ____ a day. The ____ here is terrible! Can I speak to the manager? It was ____ to save some money that's why we are rich now. I like your ____ - you'll be a superstar! He grew up in a big house with dozens of ____. I hope we can find a ____ to this problem soon. Don't critise him, he is very ____. He often cries. ____ rivers are not safe to swim. You're slim, you don't need to lose ____. Jim ____ put a letter in Andrea's bag. My grandparents don't work because they are ____. Tell me the truth, I don't like all this ____, ____ at work is very important. He was one of the greatest ____ in the 19th century. I have a great ____ with all my teachers. Don't go there, it's ____. His ____ to apologise was surprising. He's looking forward to ____. The employer asked about my former ____. I said I was a doctor. Are all your ____ coming to the wedding? I'm applying for a job, so could you write me a ____? What's her ____? Is she German? We made a number of ____ to the manager. Is your hair ____ curly? The ____ asked the guard for a blanket. There's been a small price ____ a month ago. The key to a good performance is a lot of ____. I'd like pizza, but it's just my personal ____. Azkaban has existed since the fifteenth century and was not originally a ____ at all. I ____ tea to coffee. ____ is impossible. My knee is very ____. I can't walk. There is an ____ to Mr Smith in the univesity garden. I think flying is ____ to going by train. You looked very ____ when you were asleep. They haven't made an ____ announcement yet. Fiona has got a great ____. We are an ____ organisation. Be careful! This dog is quite ____. My baby brother is very ____. I have got a few ____ problems to sort out. The film was so ____ and boring. I knew what the last scence was going to be about right away. It's not become become a professional ____ these days. There are lots of different kinds of ____. Is it a serious ____ problem? I love ____ and I try to go every summer. It's so ____ in here, let's go home.

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