1) My friends ….. students. a) is b) are c) was d) am 2) His brother ….. 28 years old. a) is b) are c) am d) was 3) She ….. very busy now. a) is b) are c) am d) was 4) We….. at the lesson now. a) is b) are c) am d) was 5) He..... a large family. a) have b) has c) do d) does 6) …… she got any brothers or sisters?  a) have b) has c) do d) does 7)  I have a cat. ……cat is very funny a) my b) your c) his d) her 8) Nick has an uncle. …… uncle is an engineer. a) her b) his c) their d) he 9) Her granny has two ….. . a) cat b) cats c) cates d) catis 10) These …..work at our office. a) man b) mans c) men d) mens 11) She has two..... a) child b) childs c) children d) childrens 12) What is …….. deepest lake in the world? a) a b) the c) - d) that 13) Our lessons begin at.....8 o` clock. a) a b) the c) - d) in 14) I bought ......butter yesterday. a) a b) any c) some d) - 15) Bob is 79. Valerie is 79, too, so she is _____ Bob. a) the oldest b) not as old as c) older then d) as old as 16) Of all the cities in the world, which city is _____ to the Equator? Quito. It is only 15 miles to it. a) close b) close then c) the closest d) as close as 17) A: I _____ here tomorrow. B: Oh, where _____ you go? a) am not going to be / do b) am not / did c) haven't been / can d) won't be / wil 18) It is getting cold. Come in or you _____ a cold. a) catch b) will catch c) are going to catch d) are catching 19) The man is sitting at his desk _____ the middle of the room and a light bulb is hanging _____ his head a) onto / under b) in / over c) on / through d) by / across 20) In the Arabic love story, Layla and Majnun, Majnun walks _____ the desert to find Layla. a) through b) onto c) across d) over 21) Nina _____ in the park alone yesterday morning and she _____ a book. a) can sit / reads b) sits / reads c) is sitting / is reading d) sat / read 22) The twins _____ an experiment in the lab these days, so they _____ usually busy. a) did / were b) are doing / are c) can do / were d) do / are 23) I always _____ up late in the past because I was unemployed, but I'm working now and _____ up early to go to the office on time. a) get / got b) am getting / get c) can get / are getting d) got / get 24) ______ coffee do you drink a day? a) how many b) how much c) a lot of d) many 25) Henry doesn't eat ______ bread, but he buys ______ every Friday. a) much / many b) no / few c) a few / little d) any / some 26) He __________ off fora tour in Europe two weeks ago and he __________ three countries so far a) set / visited b) sets / can visit c) is setting / visits d) set / has visited 27) The couple __________ to Hawaii for their honeymoon yesterday, but they have __________ got bored there. a) have gone / recently b) went / already c) were going / just d) are going / yet 28) Peter the Great is from Russia. He can speak ______. a) Russia b) Russian c) Russy d) great 29) ________ is going to the party. a) All b) Everyone c) Some d) Every 30) We often ________ dinner at six. a) has b) having c) are having d) have 31) What is his sister doing? a) Read b) B He’s reading. c) C She’s reading d) D It’s reading 32) Carlos heard that you ________ in town. a) are b) been c) were d) gone 33) There isn’t ________ at the door. a) anyone b) someone c) no one d) nobody 34) He went to the Stadium ..... a) with taxi b) by taxi c) on taxi d) in taxi 35) He plays soccer ..... a) on Wednesdays b) in Wednesdays c) at Wednesdays d) by Wednesdays 36) Peter I, byname Peter the Great was born in......... a) 1572 b) 1672 c) 1772 d) 1725 37) For the navy, Peter’s reign saw the construction, within a few years powerful ........ fleet was brought into being. a) Azov b) Baltic c) Black Sea d) Northen sea 38) From January 1, ......., Peter introduced a new chronology, making the Russian calendar conform to European. a) 1600 b) 1700 c) 1725 d) 1625 39) The Russian ......... of Sciences was instituted in 1724. a) navy school b) colleage c) institute d) academy 40) Peter the Great enforced superficial Europeanization rather brutally: he decreed that beards should be shorn off and Western dress worn. a) true b) false c) do not no d) may be

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