1. As the suspect has very distinctive ____, it will bе difficult for him to ____ а disguise. 2. His ____ clothes and badly-cut hair didn't ____ а very good impression оn his boss. 3. This ____ please, sir, madam. I'll ____ you to your tablе. 4. lt's nice to get а it of ____ cooking again after all that ____ food. 5. He's on a ____ diet so he won't eat this cream sauce. 6. Would you like ____ potatoes ог chips with your steak? 7. I'll just put this thermometer under your tongue and ____ your temperature now. 8. She ____ а nasty accident falling off а ladder last week. 9. l've been going to the gym recently because l'm trying to ____ in shape for running the marathon next spring. 10. Му brother bought me an МР3 player. lt's ____ when you're on the move. 11. We аге currently ____ some turbulence so please remain in your seats with the seatbelts ____. 12. Don't use your mobile while you're driving or you'II ____ an accident!

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