1) Which sentence with comparative form IS CORRECT? a) Sending texts is far easy than calling someone. b) My new phone is twice as fast as my old one. c) She's three times beautiful than I am. 2) Which present perfect sentence is correct? a) We lived in the UK since 2010. b) We’ve lived in the UK since 10 years. c) We’ve lived in the UK for 10 years. 3) In which sentence does the speaker talk about the past situation which isn't relevant now? a) It took me some years to get used to left-hand driving. b) I'm not used to left-hand driving. c) I used to drive a left-hand car. 4) Which sentence does the speaker use to make a NEGATIVE comment about music? a) It's uplifting. b) It's bland. c) It's memorable. 5) What word should you use in the sentence: I have to ... my job as there's no professional development for me. a) quite b) quiet c) quit 6) Which word best fits in the space if you want to make a recommendation? We_________ visit Aunt Mary soon. We haven’t seen her in years! a) need b) should c) could 7) Choose the correct form of the verb ‘have’ to complete the sentence: If I ________ enough money, I would buy a new car! a) have b) would have c) had 8) Which sentence means that something isn't necessary? a) You don’t have to get a taxi – the underground is really fast. b) You haven’t to get a taxi – the underground is really fast. c) You mustn’t get a taxi – the underground is really fast. 9) In which sentence you are sure something is impossible? a) It can't be him. b) It might be him. c) It must be not him. 10) Which sentence uses ‘in’ correctly? a) Let's meet in 5 o'clock. b) I'll do it in the next week. c) See you in a minute! 11) In which sentence the speaker has an arranged (prepared) plan which both he and his boss know about? a) I'll meet with my boss. b) I'm meeting with my boss. c) I'm going to meet with my boss. 12) Choose the correct words to complete the sentence: I went to Oxford Street ______ some new clothes. a) to buy b) buying c) for buy 13) Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: The victim was ________ to hospital in an ambulance. a) taking b) took c) taken 14) In which sentence the speaker is NOT happy about his new appartment? a) It's convenient. b) It's affordable. c) It's cramped. 15) In which sentence the speaker describes his impossible dreams about the situation that already happened and can't be changed. a) If I had done it, I would have become a rich man. b) If I do it, I'll become a rich man. c) If I did it, I would become a rich man. 16) Which sentence is correct if the speaker can't buy something? a) I have a little money. b) I have few money. c) I have little money. 17) If you prefer not to notice some actions, you turn a _______ eye to something. a) closed b) black c) blind 18) If something costs a lot, you can say:  a) it costs a hand and a foot. b) it costs an arm and a leg c) it costs a heart and a soul. 19) When your expectations don't meet the reality, you say: I thought it ________ be easy. a) would b) will c) didn't 20) What's the correct translation for this sentence: "Если у меня будет время, я зайду к тебе"? a) If I will have time, I'll stop by. b) If I have time, I'll stop by. c) If I had time, I'd stop by.

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