1) A set of interrelated programs designed to manage computer resources and organize user interaction a) Device driver b) Operating system c) Desktop 2) The process of partitioning a magnetic disk, where all data is destroyed a) Formatting b) Password c) Icon 3) А static image taken from the screen of a phone, tablet and computer. a) Screen b) Window c) Screenshot 4) A special movable sign that appears on the display screen and marks the operating point a) Click b) Folder c) Cursor 5) Typically, the desktop displays the basic controls for the graphical environment and, if necessary, some kind of background image. a) Window b) Desktop c) Device 6) This program allows the system to correctly "recognize" this device and use it for its intended purpose. a) Device driver b) Password c) Formatting 7) Еlement to delete and often temporarily store deleted objects a) Basket b) Toolbar c) Cursor 8) Еlement of a two-dimensional digital image in raster graphics. a) Screen b) Desktop c) Pixel 9) А graphically selected part of the screen belonging to some object with which the user is working. a) Window b) Operating system c) Icon 10) It contains buttons and settings that control various features of the software. a) Icon b) Toolbar c) Window

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