1) What's the time? a) It's five o'clock. b) It's five hours. c) It's good. 2) What time do you go to school? a) I go by bus. b) At seven o'clock. c) Yes, I do. 3) Does your sister like fish? a) Yes, she like. b) No, she isn't. c) No, she doesn't. 4) Has your town got a swimming pool? a) Yes, it has. b) Yes, there is. c) Yes, a swimming pool has. 5) Would you like some tea? a) Yes, I do. b) Yes, I like. c) Yes, please. 6) Is there any bread? a) No, there isn't. b) No, I haven't. c) No, there bread. 7) Whose shoes are these? a) It is mine. b) They're mine. c) Nick. 8) What are you doing? a) I dancing. b) I'd like to dance. c) I am dancing. 9) What sport do you like doing? a) I like playing basketball. b) I like play basketball. c) I do like play basketball.




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