1) How many Physical Education lessons a week do you have? 2) What sport facilities do you have at school? 3) What do you do in your Physical Education lessons? 4) What sport do you do regularly? 5) Do you think winter is a good season for doing sport? Why?? 6) What would you recommend a teenager who wants to stay fit and healthy? 7) How many times a week do you do sports? 8) What sport is the most popular with teenagers in your region? 9) What sport facilities are available in the place where you live? 10) Why do you think it is important to keep fit? 11) What winter sports are popular with you and your friends? 12) Would you like to do any extreme sports? Why or why not? 13) Do you do your morning exercises or not? Why? 14) Is there any sport you would like to play professionally? Why?

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