1) We all ____________ care about sad and depressed victims. 2) No one _____________ pull other people’s hair. 3) Adults ____________ protect young kids and teenagers. 4) They _______ gossip about her behind her back. 5) Big boys _________________ physically bully those who are smaller. 6) You ____________ threaten or tease other weaker people. 7) We _______________ all accept other people’s differences. 8) No one ______________ send hateful messages on the net. 9) They _____________ make fun of him or use mean words. 10) We all __________ fight cyber bullying. 11) Bullies _____________ steal other kids’ school things. 12) Those boys ____________ change their behaviour. 13) No one____________be afraid of getting horrible things in or on his/her locker. 14) We all ____________ stand up and speak out against bullying.

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