1) What is the name of the oldest tennis championship in the world? a) Wimbledon b) Australian Open c) Roland-Garros 2) Which is the oldest football stadium in England? a) Wembley b) Twickenham c) Sandygate 3) Who is the central figure in the story that inspired a modern sporting event, the marathon race? a) Pericles b) Pheidippidies c) Archemedes 4) How long was the length of the marathon race in the first modern Olympics? a) 40 km b) 41.86km c) 42.195 km 5) Alexander Selkirk, Scottish sailor who was the prototype of ... a) Robinson Crusoe b) Captain Grant c) Gulliver 6) ABAB CDCD EFEF GG is a traditional rhyme pattern of a / an ... a) ode b) sonnet c) fable 7) A sonnet originated a) in Italy b) in England c) in France 8) It took 100,000 workers, 2mln granite blocks and 20 years to complete the construction of ... a) The Taj Mahal b) The Great Wall of China c) The Great Pyramid 9) Which of the two co-founders of Rolls-Royce was an outstanding engineer? a) Charles Rolls b) Henry Royce 10) George Stevenson, a British engineer and inventor, is renowned as a) "The Father of Locomotives" b) "The Father of Steam Engines" c) "The Father of Railways" 11) Who invented the World Wide Web? a) Robert Goddard b) Tim Berners-Lee c) Philo Farnsworth 12) What was the first social networking site? a) MySpace b) Facebook c) Six Degrees

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