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1) Do you like junk food? a) Yes, I like. b) Yes, I do. c) Yes, like. d) Yes 2) Do the people in your group like .....? a) cooking b) cook c) a cook 3) She___________ in a bookshop but she ______________ reading! a) work / don't like b) works / doesn't like c) works / don't like 4) Which collocation is NOT correct? a) leave home b) have breakfast c) get dinner 5) Which collocation is NOT correct? a) do nothing b) listen the music c) get home 6) What does he do for a living? a) He's a receptionist b) He's a lawyer c) He's a politician d) He's an accountant 7) What time is it? - 12:15 a) It's quarter past twelve b) It's quarter past one c) It's quarter to twelve d) It's fifteen past twelve 8) What time is it? - 2.30 a) It's half past three. b) It's half past two. c) It's half to three. d) It's half to three 9) Choose the CORRECT question. a) Where do the tour leave from? b) Where does leave the tour from? c) Where does the tour leave from? 10) Choose the CORRECT question. a) How much it cost? b) How much does it cost? c) How much it costs?

Speakout Elementary Unit 2 Revision




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