annual - (adj) relating to a period of one year, based in - (phrase) working or living in a particular place, competitor - (n) a person or an organization that tries to be better than others, especially in business, employee - (n) a person who is paid to work for sb, employ - (v) to give sb a job to do for payment, exporter - (n) a person, company, or country that exports goods (sells them to another country), head office - (n) the main office of a company, operate - (v) to work in a particular way or from a particular place, produce - (v) to make things to be sold, especially in large quantities, product - (n) something that is produced or grown to be sold, provide services - (phrase) to offer facilities for the public to use, sell - (v) to give sth to sb in exchange for money, specialize in - (phrase) to be an expert in a particular area of work, study, or business, subsidiary - (n) a company that is owned or controlled by another larger company,

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